SEL Mechanical can provide experienced HVAC testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) technicians.  TAB involves measuring air and water flows, adjusting dampers and valves, and setting sensors; the more complex the system, the more room for error. The TAB technician works from the contract documents, which must include a Sequence of Operation description for each system and subsystem involved.
Keeping HVAC systems running at optimal efficiency can save operating dollars. The fact that commissioning can help make HVAC systems run correctly in the first place or restore them to proper operation is recognized by both the Architects and Building Owners.

Why Commissioning of HVAC

  • Commissioning: A systematic process ... that results in the delivery of a building whose HVAC systems perform as intended
  • Retro-Commissioning: Commissioning of an existing system that was never commissioned
  • Recommissioning: Subsequent repeat commissioning of a system that was once commissioned

On projects involving existing HVAC systems, commissioning is generally considered a good value, even if no modifications are being made, because all but the simplest HVAC systems get "out of tune" over the years. But retro-commissioning is "invisible" work just like commissioning of new systems—owners question whether they are simply paying someone to find out that the system is already in good working order. On the other hand, if energy conservation measures are being considered, the results of retro-commissioning may help evaluate alternative options and, at the very least, establish a reliable baseline for evaluating results.